This information reflects CIAC VIII. Please check back soon for updated details on CIAC IX!

Global Climate Change: Fall of the World

There’s been a drought in the Middle East for 5 years. 78% of soy crops have died. Florida’s underwater. Australia has become one big trash heap for all the washed-up plastic in the ocean. Millions of people have already died from unexpected weather changes, droughts, hunger, or pollution, all stemming from the rapidly changing climate crisis. For years, climate deniers have dictated regulation, however, now, it seems it’s  a day late and a dollar short to protect billions of lives, the destruction of property, the extinction of millions of wildlife species, and possibly even the termination of life on Earth, as we know it. We have gathered you here today to protect our planet before all hell breaks loose, or worse, freezes over. This dynamic committee will discuss the socioeconomic and geopolitical ramifications of the 21st century climate crisis and the desolation of people, governments, and businesses. Although each nation, industry, and segment of the population will be impacted differently by the effects of climate change, the unending effects of this mutually assured destruction will surely penetrate all levels and areas of the world society—unless something were to change. The committee members will represent global political, scientific, and business leaders and work together to deal with natural disasters, conflicts over natural resources, and the introduction of new technologies and government policies over the course of the century, however, some might find themselves more concerned about their own personal profits, businesses, government connections to care about the massive carnage from their actions. This committee will use a macro time frame to take action and reach consensus on an international level. Delegates should expect an exciting adjusted crisis experience, getting ready to come up with creative solutions to solve the unforeseen problems created by climate change!

Global Climate Change: Fall of the World Background Guide