The Arab League

The Arab League was founded in Cairo on March 22, 1945 for the goal of Arab Unity. We as a council have achieved much, but have also suffered great losses. Currently, our brothers in the Arab World are suffering. One topic of extreme importance is the continued oppression of the Palestinian people under Israeli oppression. Our proud Palestinian brothers have been demonstrating for months at Gaza, and now the Israelis gun them down. We, as the Arab League, must assemble to formulate a plan of action on how to liberate our brethren from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean. Another issue that bears action is the increased threat of Iranian influence in our realm. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been making great strides in turning ourselves against each other by funding differing non-state armed groups as well as political parties. However, with the recent American withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal, tensions could not be higher. O fellow Arabs, join us in Cairo to retake our future!