Crisis- Mad Max: Fury Road

Hello delegates! Welcome to the world of Mad Max, where civilization has collapsed and all that remains is the Wasteland, heavily armored trucks, and war. The scarcity of water, gasoline, and bullets will lead you to numerous fights and will challenge you to go to the farthest lengths to get what you need. When those supplies lie in the hands of the powerful and mad warlords of the wasteland, the battle for stability and peace in the wasteland will be a hard one. Will you try to rebuild the old world and free the Wasteland from chaos? Or will you consolidate power and keep the Wasteland mad? Only the smartest, most ruthless, and maddest will live. Delegates, hop on your war rigs, ride the Fury Road, and try to survive. What a lovely day!

Your know what is even more lovely? The background guide!