The Italian Wars of the 15th Century

Italy, a peninsula which hovers on the brink of war, held together by the most delicate of peaces. It is you the leaders of Italy, you the Dukes, Bishops, and Statesmen of Italy, who must keep your lands from falling to ambitious conquers, both domestic and foreign. At the same time as foreign invaders come storming our gates, stateless condottieri and militias lurk inside Italy ready to claim land for their own new Princedoms. Even the banks are in trouble as the Pope sets about declaring their practices illegal threatening the economy of many of the great merchant republics of Italy. It is up to you to keep Italy from falling apart at the seams, will you be conquered by foreign invaders, or reinvoke the legacy of old, and make Italy the center of the world once more under the name of the Romans who ruled so long ago?

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