JCC: Avatar- The Alliance

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked! 100 years later (and then some) this JCC will explore the politics of the Avatar the Last Airbender universe through the lenses of the Fire Nation and of the resistance. Delegates will be expected to use diplomacy, bending, and boomerangs to create a new conclusion to the war. After the fall of Ba Sing Tse to the Fire Nation, it is up to the friends of the Avatar to restore peace to the kingdom. The alliance is a group of unlikely heroes from across the 4 nations united for a common cause. In order to win the war, they must overcome their many differences for the greater good. Will the Fire Nation prevail, or do you believe Aang can save the world?

You do need to read the background guide to save the world though

JCC: Avatar- Fire Nation

After the fall of Ba Sing Tse and the defeat of the Avatar, it is time to fully conquer the world. Sozins comet is approaching and it is vital that you maintain your hold in the earth kingdom and avoid any infighting now that the crown prince and general Iroh have defected. Working together as a nation you can bring stability to the world. Will the Fire Nation prevail and defeat Aang?

Here’s the background guide on how to do that and you do need to read it