Joint Crisis Committee: Lord of the Rings

The Free Peoples of Middle Earth (Good)

Middle-earth, the year 3018 of the Third Age: the fate of all that is good in the world hangs by a thread as the dark lord Sauron amasses great armies of all manner of evil creatures. Only his loss of the One Ring - an object of immense power, imbued with his life force - hinders his ravenous hunger for domination and destruction. The Fellowship of the Ring, a small band of heroes who carry with them the One Ring, ventures out to the land of Mordor in order to destroy the Ring, but they cannot march alone. You represent the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, an alliance of various factions from all corners of the land, and it falls to you to help the Fellowship destroy the One Ring. WIll you succeed in banishing evil from this world, or will darkness consume all?

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The Minions of Sauron (Evil)

Sauron the Great, rightful master of all life and the most dangerous being alive, rises once more to seize Middle-earth for his own. Hordes of Orcs, trolls, wicked Men, and other corrupted creatures flock to the land of Mordor in his support. Soon his armies will march upon the Free Peoples of Middle-earth - the only mortals foolish enough to oppose him. However, the One Ring, a magical item of great power imbued with Sauron’s life force, has been lost to our enemies. A band of puny mortals, calling themselves the Fellowship of the Ring, march upon Mordor to destroy the One Ring, and Sauron along with it. As one of Sauron’s dedicated minions, you are ordered to eliminate the Fellowship, seize the One Ring, and return it to your master so that he may exert his control over all Middle-earth. Deliver victory unto your lord, and wipe out all those who stand in your path.

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