This information reflects CIAC VIII. Please check back soon for updated details on CIAC IX!

Joint Crisis Committee: Pirates of the 1700's

The Pirates

The time of pirates ruling the seas may be coming to a close and uncertainty of the future is growing as the Royal British Navy is closing in. As the British Navy convenes, we must also be proactive and develop a plan for the future. How do the pirates move forward into the New World Order? Should the pirates concede to the demands of the British, or should we fight at all costs to help hold of the the Caribbean. Help determine who will conquer the seas as we fitht the Royal British Navy and determine the fate of all pirates.

Pirates of the 1700's: The Pirates Background Guide

The Royal Navy

The sun never sets on British soil - or does it? With the battle for control of the high seas underway, the eradication of the barbarous pirates, now seen as the greatest threat to the development of trade, has taken over the agenda of the Western European governments. Now seen as the greatest threat to the development of trade,  With economic and personal safety at stake, the British Royal Navy has been called upon to root out this threat. It may be bloody, it may be dangerous, but the British Empire must establish dominance over the seas of the Caribbean if they wish to continue their global conquest.

Pirates of the 1700's: The Royal Navy Background Guide