Q&A: OK, this looks cool. But what is crisis, JCC, specialized anyway?

—aka how to navigate committees and pick “the one”?

A: Good Question!

In CIAC X, we offer three types of committees: JCC (Joint Crisis Committee), Crisis, and Specialized.

In JCC, essentially you have two or more rooms of delegates to work on the same topic. Usually, they are the opposite side in a conflict. One room’s directive could directly impact the other room’s crisis. For example, in CIAC IX Lord of the Ring Committee, if the Sauron side gets the ring, the Free People of Middle Earth side needs to figure out a way to get the ring back or cry. In conclusion, if you think you are a great strategist, with lots of crazy ideas (like assassinate your allies!), super creative, and you believe you could outmaneuver the other side, this is the place you belong!

In Crisis, similar to JCC, you have only one room of delegates to work on one topic. Delegates could be on any side of the conflict. For example, in the Jurrasic World Committee in CIAC X, you could be the owner of the park, you could be a scientist, you could be any staffer. But everyone shares the same goal (hopefully, but not every single case). Best part is, you are permitted to do all kinds of crazy things! If you think you are a great strategist, super creative, a villain, a conspirator, and you are great at acting (pretending you are innocent when the whole committee is targeting you), and you have a long crisis arch that could be remembered by CIAC forever, this is the place you belong!

In the Specialized Committee, the committee is based on an actual UN agency. For example, this year we have ICJ. It is more similar to the traditional General Assembly style of committees. If you are a fan of establishment, prefer to maneuver yourself in a traditional agency, and work on topics that are more connected to our lives, this is the committee you should choose!