The Italian Wars of the 15th Century (CIAC IX)

Italy, a peninsula which hovers on the brink of war, held together by the most delicate of peaces. It is you the leaders of Italy, you the Dukes, Bishops, and Statesmen of Italy, who must keep your lands from falling to ambitious conquers, both domestic and foreign. At the same time as foreign invaders come storming our gates, stateless condottieri and militias lurk inside Italy ready to claim land for their own new Princedoms. Even the banks are in trouble as the Pope sets about declaring their practices illegal threatening the economy of many of the great merchant republics of Italy. It is up to you to keep Italy from falling apart at the seams, will you be conquered by foreign invaders, or reinvoke the legacy of old, and make Italy the center of the world once more under the name of the Romans who ruled so long ago?

The Arab League (CIAC IX)

The Arab League was founded in Cairo on March 22, 1945 for the goal of Arab Unity. We as a council have achieved much, but have also suffered great losses. Currently, our brothers in the Arab World are suffering. One topic of extreme importance is the continued oppression of the Palestinian people under Israeli oppression. Our proud Palestinian brothers have been demonstrating for months at Gaza, and now the Israelis gun them down. We, as the Arab League, must assemble to formulate a plan of action on how to liberate our brethren from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean. Another issue that bears action is the ongoing tragedies of the Yemeni Civil War. We must reevaluate our tactics in the region to ensure a speedy end to the conflict and a definite halt in the loss of innocent human lives.

Jurassic World (CIAC IX)

InGen Corporation achieved the impossible 22 years ago when it cracked the code to cloning long-dead dinosaurs. However, Jurassic Park, the first attempt at a theme park centered around these dinosaurs, failed before it could even open. Now a collection of InGen’s top scientists, board members, and investors are gathered to discuss the operation and expansion of InGen’s second dinosaur park, Jurassic World. Delegates will have to work together to ensure the park stays open, discuss the ethics of the cloning program, and argue over other commercial applications of the dinosaurs.  

Trump's Constitutional Convention (CIAC IX)

After the swift impeachment and subsequent removal of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, from the highest office in the land, the nation fell into turmoil. The vast majority of Republican lawmakers immediately resigned from their posts in Congress, leaving a slate of vacancies the likes of which could never have been imagined. Leaders from across the country – captains of industry, media moguls, celebrities, philanthropists, scholars, and the like – have called for a convention to rewrite the United States Constitution, in hopes of rebuilding public trust in government, settling our partisan differences, and ensuring that we can all move forward together as a nation. It’s up to you to restructure our country’s most sacred document… are you up for the task?

Robert's Rebellion (CIAC IX)

King Aerys Targaryen II just earned his title of the Mad King by executing the Warden of the North, Rickard Stark, following Stark’s demanding justice for Rhaegar Targaryen’s alleged abduction of his daughter Lyanna Stark. The War of the Usurper has begun, and members of Robert’s Rebellion must navigate the muddy political waters of a war-torn country as well as outmaneuver the Targaryen armies if they are to make it out of this conflict alive. Will Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn and more be able to best the military prowess of Prince Rhaegar? Will a Targaryen remain on the Iron Throne, or will a new king take his place? Delegates should understand the history of Westoros and Game of Thrones history, as well as be willing to be creative and adventurous.

Joint Crisis Committee: The Peloponnesian War (CIAC IX)

Athens vs Sparta

Ellada! War rages between the two great super powers of Greece: the Delian League led by Athens and the Pelopennesian League by Sparta. You as Athens are the beacon of democracy. Athens wields the strongest navy of the time, and is not afraid to mobilize it against the Spartan threat to Athenian identity. You are all proud statesmen and generals devoted to a single goal: complete victory. You will take charge in crafting a grand strategy and unique tactics to defeat your enemy and prove your empire the greatest Greece has to offer. Leverage your allies, undermine your enemy by supporting their rebels, hoist your sails, sharpen your spears, for this is a time of diplomacy by action. 

The Unification of Germany (CIAC IX)

The year is 1860, and you are tasked with uniting the Germanic peoples, so bring your best moustaches and Franco-Prussian war medals to determine the course of German history!

To the West is France, to the East is Russia-- and in the middle is complete chaos. Central Europe is a patchwork of bickering princes, bishops, and free cities. From this, you, the German states, must create order. The war against France is over and a decisive victory in favor of German Unity has been won, but it’s currently unclear what form this unity will take. Will there be a unified state under a single flag, or will regional disputes drive states apart into multiple conflicting confederations? The rest of the world watches on with great apprehension as to what new power(s) might form in the heart of Europe.

Joint Crisis Committee: Lord of the Rings (CIAC IX)

The Free Peoples of Middle Earth vs The Minions of Sauron

Middle-earth, the year 3018 of the Third Age: the fate of all that is good in the world hangs by a thread as the dark lord Sauron amasses great armies of all manner of evil creatures. Only his loss of the One Ring - an object of immense power, imbued with his life force - hinders his ravenous hunger for domination and destruction. The Fellowship of the Ring, a small band of heroes who carry with them the One Ring, ventures out to the land of Mordor in order to destroy the Ring, but they cannot march alone. You represent the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, an alliance of various factions from all corners of the land, and it falls to you to help the Fellowship destroy the One Ring. WIll you succeed in banishing evil from this world, or will darkness consume all?

Clones and Drones

The year is 2805 and technology has advanced such that interplanetary travel, genetic engineering of clones, and military defense weapons are pervasive. There has been an attack on several human colonies in Sector 12, creating a galactic security threat. An unknown terrorist group gains power. Delegates must act to aid those being attacked, find the attackers, and prevent any further loss of life.


The Manhattan Project

A committee of scientists (among others) have been assigned the critical task of developing an atomic bomb in a secret project known as The Manhattan Project. The delegates will be responsible for developing the atomic bomb safely, keeping the project secret, and communicating their progress to relevant entities. However, the stakes are ever rising as with each move the committee risks infiltration, discovery, lack of political support, and most importantly their lives.


Reunification of Ireland, 2020

Over two decades have passed since the Good Friday Agreement was signed and the Irish Republican Army gave up their weapons 15 years ago. Aside from a few splinter groups’ activities, peace has been achieved across the entire British Isles. Today, public opinion has slowly been warming for everything from more economic and social integration to full unification of the North and the Republic. A joint committee of the Dáil Éireann and the Northern Ireland Assembly has been formed to debate the steps that can be taken to achieve these goals. With religious leaders and representatives of the Westminster Parliament also present, delegates must cross age-old boundaries to forge a new future for Ireland.


The Scramble for Africa

The year is 1884, and the Berlin Conference has just convened. Alliances will be formed and broken as the European countries attempt to create the largest sphere of influence. Power, money, and prestige drive the different motives for colonization. Whether political power is mitigated by trade or through battle with other countries will depend on the delegates. Which country will rise above the rest?


(JCC) Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

Over the past few years, strange events have rocked the wizarding world, leading all to fear the truth - that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had returned. Now that his return has been confirmed, our world is in turmoil; fear has gripped the nation, people are fleeing, and villages are being destroyed. Amidst this turmoil, there have been a select few that have made their choice, fighting either for their world, or to change it. The Order of the Phoenix will continue its previous gallant efforts to bring down the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. We will have to work together to capture villages, recruit allies, and ultimately take on Voldemort and his allies in the flesh. We are a secret organization and so we must move quickly and quietly to bring about the ultimate victory - a world where peace and love triumph all.