Ranked #4 by Best Delegate


Greetings Delegates,

On behalf of the entire Secretariat, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the tenth iteration of the Cornell International Affairs Conference. CIAC has continued to grow upon its previous success and has risen in the rankings to the 4th best collegiate conference in the country.  As a crisis-focused conference, we continue to expand in size every year, and have added to our selection a few specialized committees as well to cater to all kinds of delegates. Each year, we strive to make the experience better than the previous one and continue to improve not only the committees that we run, but also the social events and other aspects that make MUN conferences as memorable as they can be.


Given our massive growth and persistent improvement in every aspect of our conference, the CIAC X Secretariat can assure you that this weekend will be one of the most enjoyable conferences in your MUN experience. We have chosen to implement numerous committees that take advantage of both the international moment that we are in and creative takes on entertaining topics happening around the world. We pride ourselves on the creativity and ingenuity of our chairs and crisis directors, and their ability to create an extremely engaging environment. CIAC X will have committees suited for veteran delegates and new ones alike, as part of our goal to create an accessible ivy-league conference to create a positive experience for all MUN delegates.


As we face the need for an increasingly connected world due to ongoing political uncertainty and events that have been rewriting history, international understanding and collaboration remains crucial to finding solutions to global issues. In developing topics for committees, we seek to draw on history, present conditions, and predictions for the future to bring to life pressing concerns.  It is my personal hope that after four days of discussion, negotiation, compromise, and ultimate resolution, each and every one of our delegates returns home with a more nuanced understanding of the predominant concerns around the world and a fueled passion for finding tangible solutions to these global issues.


As you consider joining us for CIAC X and start planning your trip to Cornell, please do not hesitate to reach out to either myself or any other member of the Secretariat with any questions. We hope to see you in Ithaca this fall for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic weekend and the best CIAC yet!


Best Regards,

Ria Singh, Secretary General of CIAC X